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  • Landscaping Turf

    Landscaping Artificial Synthetic Turf

    We sell the most realistic looking artificial grass products for your beautiful garden. Whether you need artificial turf for your backyard or front yard we got the best and most realistic looking product range at Premier Grass. 

  • Pet Friendly Turf

    Pet Friendly Grass

    Not all Pet Friendly Artificial grass suitable for dog areas and that is why we specially designed and manufactured revolutionary K9 Artificial Grass for your furry friend. If you have a dog then it is important you to select the most realistic looking and best quality pet grass available in the market. All our grass range suitable for pets however we are glad to announce our revolutionary K9 Grass is the best and only tested K9 grass available in the market.

  • Indoor Use Turf

    Indoor Artificial Turf

    Our range of synthetic grass ideal for any indoor decorative purpose. Depending on your requirement, we have the range for you to select from. If you not sure which Artificial grass type suitable for your indoor installation please call us our friendly team and we are happy to assist.

  • Exhibitions and events

    Exhibition and Event Artificial Grass

    It is ideal to use Artificial Synthetic Grass for any Event or Exhibition. All our range is suitable for this purpose and depending on your requrement and to the budget you can select the product you looking for from the range. 

  • School and Kinder

    School and Kindergarten Artificial Grass

    It is ideal to use Artificial Synthetic Grass for Schools, Childcare centres or Kindergartens. It minimise the dust, easy to maintain and can have beautiful lush green all year around. All our range is suitable for this purpose with CSIRO tested products. So there are no toxic harmful chemicals and safe for kids and pets.

  • Sports Grass

    Sports Artificial Turf

    We supply and install all kinds of sporting fields in Melbourne. Our soccer range certified by FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) and Tennis range certified by ITF (International Tennis Federation). We supply cricket pitch grass, Basket Ball Grass, Golf Grass (Putting Green Turf) etc. Our experienced installation team capable of installing artificial sports grass to any sporting field.

  • Fitness Centres

    Fitness Centre Grass

    Our exclusive Fitness Centre Emerald Multi Sports artificial grass is durable and really tough. If you looking to cover the concrete space to give a sporting surface look then this is the best and the ideal product for you. We have Tanami range cater for temporary use and some other short pile grass types available for this purpose. 

  • Specials and Clearance


    If you looking for a small area to cover then why not check our Artificial Grass offcuts? These items are for clearance and they may be end of rolls, clearance stock, specials etc. Give us a call and we can update you with the latest off cut pieces. Please let us know the suburb or state you are calling from.  

  • Full Rolls / Buy Bulk
  • Swimming Pool Grass

    Any shorter pile (25mm-30mm) is ideal for around the pool. We designed our range to cater for your needs and our products are top quality and realistic looking. Check our Swimming Pool Artificial Synthetic Grass range.   

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