//Why Install Artificial Turf Instead Of Natural Turf?

Why Install Artificial Turf Instead Of Natural Turf?

The grass is the ultimate decoration detail for your lawn, no doubt about that. But with the emerging debate about whether you should install artificial turf over the natural kind, you are bound to feel confused. Here are five reasons why you should invest in artificial turf instead of natural grass.

1. Maintenance Is a Lot Less DemandingArtificial Turf Instead Of Natural Turf?

Artificial grass in Sydney is a one-off kind of thing. You pay for it, the grass company installs it in your lawn, and all that is left for you and your family to do is to enjoy the beauty it radiates through your compound.

One of the few things required of you is to rinse it once in a while with the hosepipe. Simple.

Natural grass, on the other hand, is a guzzler of your time and money. If you’re not catering for fertilizers, you’re spending time mowing, weeding, and trimming it. Not to mention the headache of grass that stopped growing in a particular spot because it couldn’t handle the wear and tear of overuse. Just to mention a few.

2. It Is Considerate Of Your Allergies

If your allergies get worked up thanks to pollen from natural grass, fear not. Artificial turf will save you bouts of sneezing, coughing, and runny nose and having to cater for the expense of allergy medication, and everything in between.

No pollen to cling to the clothing and toys of your family and subject them to the same untold allergic reactions, in case they suffer from it too.

3. The Value Of Your Home Will Go Up

In the event that you decide to put up your home for sale, you can be sure that its value will go up because of your artificial grass installation. The grass will make the house stand out from the rest of those in your neighborhood, thanks to the automatic curb appeal that artificial turf possesses. Also, the potential homeowner will be sold when he learns that the house is free of tending duties that come with natural grass like lawn mowing.

4. It Is Cleaner

Winter and the wet season bring with them a lot of dread for the average homeowner whose lawn is graced with natural grass. Mud tracking and unsightly footprints from your muddied yard during the rainy season will be the order of the day.

Artificial grass wins big yet again with this one. It drains water and precipitation of all kinds all the way through; no messes, no hassles, just pure peace of mind.

5. It’s Pet Friendly

Pets, especially dogs, love playing on the grass. From running around chasing his tail, to playing fetch, to chasing his miniature human companions, to digging up the lawn in search of bones or whatever else they can find, or maybe to sharpen his digging skills. All of this with no damage to your artificial grass whatsoever.

With that kind of freedom, he is bound to make his natural releases right there on the lawn. Not bad for you if you’re one step ahead with your pet-friendly synthetic grass. We supply antibacterial K9 Cool Grass. As stated above, when you hose off the urine, it drains quite quickly. Simply pick up any waste or pet droppings, and you’re good to go. We also supply Zeofill instead of sand fill to deodorize ammonia.

Bottom Line

One thing about artificial turf in Brisbane is that it is quite expensive to install. All the logical reasons above prove that it is worth every penny in the long run and that it is quite a prudent investment.

Thankfully, in Melbourne, you can easily choose a fordable rate. All things considered in this case, the grass is greener where you don’t water it.

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