• Why install artificial grass over real grass?

The advantages include saving money and time, especially on lawn maintenance, and it can also improve lifestyle and help with environmental issues.

Low maintenance – generating savings on time and up-keep costs. This applies to homeowners, the elderly for whom maintenance is not practical, second/holiday home owners and also organisations such as local councils who have to maintain roadside verges, city parks and pathways

No watering – ideal where water is scarce or in hosepipe/sprinkler ban areas.

Better for the environment – no need for pesticides and mowing.,

Ideal for areas of heavy usage – no more slippery, muddy areas, no more muddy shoes or muddy dogs’ paws to have to clean up!
All-year-round green – aesthetically pleasing to the eye no matter what time of year. No more yellow patches on your lawn and no more weeds staring back at you!

Clean and hygienically safe – no degradation by pets.

  •  Can I install artificial grass on top of my existing lawn?

This is not recommended as the existing lawn can have uneven places or different weed that can appear on the synthetic grass through the drainage holes after a while. We recommend it to install in the professional way by using crush rock as an under layer. Please see are how to install page for more information.

  • What are the widths of the rolls?

Our grass roles come in 2m and 4m wide.

  • Does artificial grass fade?

No, not at all. The is UV protected and specially our grass our CSIRO tested for colour changes under Australian whether conditions and we provide up to 10 years’ warranty on most of our products.

  • Is the artificial grass pet and child friendly?

Yes. All of our artificial grass is CSIRO tested for lead free and unlike most companies we check our products regularly. Also with the pet’s premier synthetic grass is resistant to staining and it’s simply a matter of picking up and flushing any mess with water.

  • What maintenance is required?

Unlike real grass you don’t need to worry about synthetic grass for months. Unless it’s a high traffic area we recommend you to brush the grass at least once a month to keep the natural looks of the grass. After a few months if weed starts to grow through the grass (the drainage holes) simply spray it with a weed killer spray without pulling it out.

  • Can I install the grass myself?

Yes. If you have the time and enjoying working outdoors it’s very easy to install synthetic grass by yourself. To get more information on how to install synthetic grass by your self-visit (LINK>>> HOW TO INSTALL).

  • Where does the water go?

There are approximately 50 drainage holes per square metre in the grass so the water does not stay on top of the grass or does not get muddy unlike real turf.

  • What is artificial grass made of?

Our high standard synthetic grass is made of Polypropylene and Polyethylene to give a natural grass look.

  • How much warranty do I get on the grass?

We provide up to 10 years on most of our products but according to our past experience and different tests we’ve conducted we can assure that the grass will even last up to 20 years.

  • What does it cost to get fully installed?

We have a wide range of products and there are many different factors that effects the price of the installation per square metre. Simply call one of our friendly staff members or fill out the free quotation form (Link>>>) to have one of our team members to come to your location and provide a free quotation.

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