Instructions for Artificial Turf and Grass Installation


Step 01: Define and Mesure

Define, paint and measure your potential turf area. Keeping in mind that turf comes in 2m widths, (and some 4m) measure accordingly. Important - All artificial grass must be laid out in the same direction. We also have an artificial grass area calculator available.


Step 02: Excavate

A minimum depth of 8-10cm is suggested for base material and artificial turf. Remove grass, dirt, or other materials to leave8cm-10cm reveal inside all borders. Cap and/or remove any irrigation within the specified area, as required.


Step 03: Primary Base Layer

Install 8cm-10cm minus aggregate material/crush rock at a minimum depth of 8cm. Rake out evenly, or to desired contour. Keep drainage and water flow in mind during the process.


Step 04: Wet Down and Compact

Slightly wet the entire surface. Using a vibrating plate compactor, compact the surface several times. Repeat until base is very hard. You can rent this unit from Bunnings warehouse or any tool hiring shop.


Step 05: Leveling Layer

Install a levelling layer of decomposes granite/crusher dust (0.5cm-1cm minus) at a depth of 2.5cm. Rake to desired grade and compact, as mentioned in the previous steps.


Step 06: Weed Block Barrier

Place a layer of weed block and secure around perimeter to prevent weeds from growing through your artificial turf installation.


Step 07: Roll, Tack and Cut

Once base is completed, roll out turf and tack in place, using U shaped pegs. Then cut turf into all perimeter borders as necessary. A carpet knife is recommended.


Step 08: Secure Perimeter

Secure the perimeter of the turf every 15cm-30cm, using U shaped pegs.


Step 09: Infill

Synthetic grass lawns require infilling with fine washed dry sand. This process creates a soft feel and also acts as an anchor and stabilizes fibres.

Apply a dressing of fine dry sand. Firstly spread a layer of sand over the entire area of the lawn. Brush in against grain using a broom or petrol driven fluffer (Power broom). You can rent this unit from any tool hiring shop.

4kg - 6kg of sand should be used for each square meter of turf. Sand comes in 25kg bags. This helps allow the blades to stand upright for a longer period of time as well as provides cushion for safety and comfort.


Step 10: Clean up and Sweeping

We always clean up after ourselves. Premier Synthetic Grass will clean the entire installation area leaving your yard looking beautiful. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.


Step 11: Enjoying Your new Synthetic Turf Lawn

Not only will your lawn look great all year round, but now you have time to enjoy other things. No more mowing, seeding, watering, chasing gophers and sprinkler maintenance. Enjoy!

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