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Premier Synthetic Grass Can Help Make Your Dream Gym a Reality With Durable Indoor Turf


Our range of sports grasses are ideal for exercises and they also enhance an individual’s training experience by allowing them to work at speed without the friction that is often caused by other fitness centre flooring.


Artificial grass is now one of the biggest driving forces behind creating a space where people can change up their workout routine. From pulling or pushing sleds to conditioning drills, individuals can get a full body workout on a surface that is both durable and easy to maintain.

For fitness centre turf, the first thing you need to consider is what type of artificial grass you should choose. For fitness centre grass we recommend that you pick an artificial grass that has low pile. Low pile artificial grass ensures that your fitness equipment will slide with ease and other fitness activities can be undertaken with trip hazards eliminated.

The second thing you need to take into consideration with artificial turf is durability. Durability for artificial grass is determined by the face weight. But what exactly is face weight? Artificial grass face weight refers to the amount of material that has been used to make the grass. The higher the face weight, the more material that has been used – resulting in a more durable product.

So, if your fitness centre expects a lot of foot traffic you would want to ensure you choose an artificial grass product that has a higher face weight.

Turf thickness is another aspect you need to consider when buying artificial grass is the height of the turf compared to other flooring surfaces. None wants to trip when moving from one piece of fitness equipment to another during their workout. All artificial grass will perform the same, so when it comes to performance thickness isn’t a determining factor.

One of the last factors when it comes to picking artificial grass for your fitness centre is determining where the grass will be placed. Fitness turf comes in both indoor and outdoor applications. If you are looking to install the artificial turf outside, you will want to ensure it is rated for outdoor application. You can use indoor turf for outdoor use, however if the the turf not treated for UV then it will fade over time.

Want to Know More About Transforming Your Fitness Centre with Artificial Grass?

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