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Prior To Installation

Prior to Installation

It is important to understand the steps for installing artificial grass prior to installation whether you are installing the lawn yourself or hiring an expert to do it for you. Synthetic turf installation requires the right ground preparation or you could easily end up with a lawn that can end up terribly damaged much quicker than anticipated. Here are a few things you need to know prior to installation.

Site Preparation is Incredibly Important

If you are not installing artificial grass indoors then the site needs to be prepared before you lay out your grass. Here are a few of the steps that are needed to get your lawn area prepped and ready for the new turf:

  1. Clear the area – First off, you need to clear off the area by removing all rocks, brushes, stumps and anything else that might be in the way. Use a weed killer to get rid of grass, weeds and other plants.
  2. Turn it over – Turn over your soil 5 – 10 cm in depth so you can level and compact the area easily.
  3. Levelling – Now you need to break up clods, remove pebbles and even out the ground. You should also fill holes and flatten bumps until the entire area is perfectly flat.
  4. Consider a topsoil – Some soil types are not very easy to level and you might have to even it out with a layer of fine sand or stone clippings.
  5. Compact – The entire lawn area needs to be properly compacted. Keep an eye on your ground leveling as you compact your soil so you won’t end up with ditches or holes in your lawn.

Proper Drainage is Critical

If your lawn surface isn’t even you can easily end up with plenty of rain or irrigation puddles in your synthetic grass that will cause staining. Sufficient draining is also incredibly important so water can drain away from your turf. If water doesn’t drain out properly it can result in terrible odors, moss and mold growth and the moisture can affect your lawn in the long run. Creating proper drainage is critical prior to installation.

We Do Site Preparation Prior to Installation For You

It is always best to use a professional like Premier Grass to install your artificial lawn for you. We will follow all the needed steps prior to installation and will ensure that the lawn area is perfectly prepared and ready for your new lawn. With the right site prep and installation methods, your synthetic lawn will look fantastic, will be perfectly functional and will last a lot longer.

If you need any more information on the process of installation artificial grass then please give us a call on 1300 705 806 today.