New Premier K9™ Antibacterial Pet Grass 25mm

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New Premier K9™ Antibacterial Pet Grass 25mm

New Premier K9™ Antibacterial Pet Grass 25mm

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Short K9™PetGrass is the artificial grass designed specifically for dogs.This exclusive durable PU backing and Y-ZigZag stitching technology with high drainage capacity will be your best option for your loving pet.Shorter blade structure and double PP backing cloth offers a cleaner, safer,better smelling environment for pets.Say goodbye to cold concrete, gravel, mulch, muddy yards, and dirty paws.

K9™PetGrass is the solution you have been looking for. We designed and manufactured this “Y ZIGZAG” micro drain technology, most practical artificial grass for your loving pet. Controlling the straight yarn height to 25mm and the curly yarn height to 50% pile height will allow more UV to hit the bottom of the carpet and kill the germs while not reducing the “Y ZIGZAG” Technology comfort for your pet paws. Y-ZIGZAG Technology will give the grass extra strength and will have the capability of pushing the grass blades back to the original position. Rich with four colors this grass looks the most realistic looking artificial pet grass available in the market. Double backing of PP cloth will minimize the absorbance of urine or any odor to minimize the smell. We specially used PU-ZONE* backing glue instead of Latex for this pet grass to get the most durable and strengthen backing experience for our customers. Further to backing technology we have used special Zig Zag stitching technology to give more strength to the grass. It is true that PU is stronger and more durable than latex and it’s 100% recyclable. Other beauty is the number of drain holes on this carpet. Compared to some other grass types we have increased and allocated more drain holes on this carpet and your pet doesn’t need to find the drain holes to do their business.