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When it comes to helping families, property owners and businesses all around Brisbane with the highest-quality synthetic grass, Premier Grass is your go-to team. Having secured our reputation as leading Australian suppliers, for many years we have been supplying and installing the most realistic, and affordable, artificial grass to properties, gardens and landscapes throughout Brisbane.

Premier Grass has revolutionized the market for the better with our high-quality products and commitment to a high level of customer service. Our team are always ready to supply or install, synthetic grass on your property.

If you’re planning to have the perfect grass installed in your property, talk to our team today to get your FREE professional measure and quote!

Artificial Buffalo Grass
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Quality Synthetic Artificial Grass in Brisbane

Beautiful and Budget-Friendly Synthetic Turf in Brisbane

At Premier Grass we know exactly what it takes to provide our clients with the service they deserve. With years of experience under our belt, we have helped all types of clients with properties of all shapes and sizes, to have the right artificial lawn solutions for their needs.

Ask us any question about installing a low-maintenance fake lawn on your property, we are always happy to help you to understand the process, explore your options and to choose the option that suits your budget. As we service projects of all sizes, we do offer fake grass solutions that are high in quality yet still affordable. From supplying you with the high-quality cheap synthetic grass to helping you with a complete installation service, we are here to help you in any way possible.

Ready To Supply, & Install Artificial Grass In Brisbane For Everyone

Our wide selection of artificial turfs has been designed to be easily installed on a range of different surfaces. We can help you find the right one that can work with your landscape and your design plans.

We can also help you with any synthetic turf installation issues or queries that you might be having, thanks to our installation service. Simple and easy, we will be with you throughout the entire process, so you get the perfect grass you want.

When it comes to all your cheap synthetic grass in Brisbane, Premier Grass is for you.







Why Choose Premier Grass?

Some of the top benefits you will experience when choosing our renowned professional products and installation services:

  • Enjoy a lush green lawn for your property all year-round!
  • Save a lot of time, you’ll NEVER need to mow or water your lawn again.
  • Save money on lawnmowers and dedicated lawn care services.
  • High-quality service: Premier Grass is Brisbane’s leading team in artificial turf products, supplies and installations.

Our affordable fake lawn can be used for homes, businesses and even sporting arenas throughout Brisbane. Our products are especially known to have the following three important characteristics:

  1. Durability
  2. Longevity
  3. Realistic look and feel

You can be assured that our entire selection of artificial turf feels natural and smooth. Our products will provide you with complete comfort around your property for many years to come. To learn more about the benefits of our services, contact our friendly experts today.

Exclusive Pet-Friendly Synthetic Turf Products

The comprehensive collection of synthetic turf products at Premier Grass includes options for households and properties with pets. Our fake turf is specifically designed to be pet-friendly, providing a comfortable environment for cats and dogs alike. If you are interested in our pet-friendly synthetic turf, check out our K9 Pet Grass variants.

Designed For Sporting Arenas

Whether they are used for playgrounds or large sporting arenas, our artificial turf supplies provide the perfect surfaces for sports, games and activities of all sorts. Tested to ensure quality and durability, our fake grass is made to withstand contact and hard running for several seasons.

The Benefits Are Endless

With our collection of artificial turf, you get to enjoy a wealth of benefits:

  • Little to no mowing maintenance needed
  • Extreme realistic feel and touch
  • Aesthetically appealing, very similar to natural grass and natural lawns
  • No irrigation costs whatsoever
  • Your lawn will never be affected by a harsh Brisbane Summer again!

For more information on the best fake turf in Brisbane, contact the experts in Premier Grass today.


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