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What is the Best Synthetic Grass of 2019

As amazing as natural grass, there comes a lot of responsibility with maintaining it. You have to consider watering it, mowing it, fertilising it and keeping it safe in both extreme heat and cold. At the end of all this effort, your grass might not even be in a decent condition.

This is where artificial grass comes in.

What Is The Best Artificial Grass To Buy?

Easy to maintain, cost-effective in the long run and always looking fresh, synthetic grass has made its way into households throughout Australia. Homeowners now can see the value of investing in artificial grass in Sydney for their properties.

No more schedules to water the lawn, no more stressing about the incoming weather, no more spending money on pesticides and fertilisers, and no more mowing.

You can see why homeowners are looking to get synthetic grass in Brisbane installed in their homes.

Just like anything else though, there are plenty of different factors to consider when it comes to deciding what is the best artificial grass to buy.

How To Choose From The Best Artificial Grass Reviews

When it comes to choosing the best fake grass from a huge range, here are the factors that you have to consider:

UV Treated

If you have experienced the sunlight in Australia, you know you are dealing with something that is a little different to the rest of the world. Australia has some of the strongest UV rays in the world, so it imperative that the artificial grass is UV treated and protected, so it doesn’t melt away.

The Thickness Of The Grass Fibres

In its more basic terms, the thicker the fibre, the stronger the grass. If you notice that the grass is flimsy, it means its weak and doesn’t have a high resistance to wear and tear.

The Density

For the best synthetic grass, you are going to determine the quality of the stitching. The denser the stitching, the softer it is under your feet. So you when you walk over it, you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed.

Quality Of Backing

The back of the carpet is called the backing. This is where the grass is stitched into the carpet. Cheaper quality artificial grass usually has one stitch. It won’t last long. You need to look for double or triple stitched backing, so you get the best grass on the market.

Colour & Texture

There are several different type of turf colours available on the market. You can go for a bright green, a dull green or a natural green. Deciding on which one depends on what you want it for, and if it matches the decor of your surroundings.

Type Of Grass Blade

Determining the type of grass ‘blade’ on an artificial grass option is important so you have a firm idea if it durable enough to withstand heavy traffic, as well as remain soft. Each turf has different blades so you will have to inquire to find the right one for you.

Best Quality: Synthetic Grass Reviews

By combining these factors you will be able to get the best synthetic grass reviews available on the internet. We have those reviews for you below:

Classic Landscaping Grass

When it comes to finding the best artificial grass review on the internet, you have to start with the most commonly purchased synthetic grass: landscaping grass.

While it might seem all the same, landscaping synthetic grass is made for the backyard, front yard and landscapes of all sorts. The difference between this grass and the rest is that it made to be showcased in properties.

It requires little watering or mowing, will retain its soft touch and feel, and will always keep its colour.

If you are looking to spice up your lawn, going for the classic synthetic grass will do the trick.

Pet-Friendly Grass

If you are looking to protect your pet against bugs, bacteria and fleas, while maintaining a stunning garden, then artificial pet friendly grass is for you.

Made with pets in mind, this type of grass is smooth on the skin of both animals and people, tough and durable to withstand high-levels of foot traffic, while remaining strong in colour.

Thousands of homeowners are now looking for pet-friendly synthetic grass in Melbourne for their landscapes, so if you are interested, speak to our team today for more information.

K9 Grass (For Dogs Only)

Just like all people are different, so are all pets. And a dog and cat are very different from each other. That is why when it comes to pet-friendly grasses, there is a section dedicated to ‘dogs only’, known as K9 grass.

Known for its durable and strength, K9 grass is custom made for dogs so it can withstand their high-level activities, while remaining in great condition. It is also antibacterial, guaranteeing that your dogs will not get any fleas or bacterias in their fur.

Premier Grass has the leading K9 grass ready at a moment’s notice. If you want to give your dog, and backyard, that added protection, our K9 grass is what you need.


Indoor Artificial Grass

Who says that artificial grass has to be for the outdoors only? Many homeowners want to bring the outdoors inside and they are doing so, by installing synthetic grass into their homes.

It can be used for a wealth of things, including a child’s playroom, a personal indoor golf range, a pathway, a zen room and more.

Thanks to the soft natural feel of indoor artificial grass, it feels like walking on carpet. The surface is smooth and safe, ensuring that adults, children and pets are safe at all times.

Plus with little maintenance, it does not require a lot of effort to maintain its premium condition.

Sports Grass

When it comes to making sure your sport arena is of the highest standards, you’re going to have to get the best synthetic turf on the market. Synthetic sports grass is designed to withstand high levels of wear and tear while remaining smooth for that everyone can play on it.

There are many different types of sport artificial turfs available, as it has to cater to different sports, such as football, soccer, golf, rugby and tennis. Shorter grass types are great for ball sports, as it provides a quick surface, while longer grass is good for heavy contact sports as it provides a cushioning.

Premier Grass Has The Best Quality Synthetic Grass Available For You. Call Us Today On 1300 704 806 To Take A Look At Our Selection.

Premier Grass has the collection of the highest quality artificial grass ready to be taken off our hands. Our selection will cater to all your needs.

From the commercial (sporting venues, fields, offices and golf courses) to the personal (backyard landscaping, pet friendly and more), you will find the synthetic turf you want from us.

We can help you with a step-by-step installation guide, or offer you our affordable installation service, where one of our team members will come to your location and install the turf for you.

If you need any assistance with choosing your artificial grass, turf products, or is interested in our installation service, reach out and call us today on 1300 705 806.

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