//21 Budget Backyard Landscaping Ideas You Didn’t Think Of

21 Budget Backyard Landscaping Ideas You Didn’t Think Of

Updating your landscape doesn’t have to mean spending hundreds, or thousands, of dollars. All you need is a bit of cash, a clean pair of gloves, a positive attitude, and you can transform your landscape on a budget. Whether you are looking for a complete overhaul, a massive addition or little change, we can help you bring the best out of your garden with these 21 cheap backyard landscaping ideas.

7 Cheap Backyard Landscaping Ideas

DIY Seating Area

For a cheap backyard makeover, you can rearrange your patio and install a seating area. All you need is a few chairs, a mid-size table and you have got a place to relax in your backyard. Better yet, it won’t blow the budget.

Artificial Grass & Turf

When it comes to backyard makeovers on a budget, you cannot go past the benefits of artificial grass. By just rolling out the turf, your garden will glow with life and vibrancy. Premier Grass can transform your landscape, based entirely on your needs and wants thanks to our extensive range of artificial grass in Brisbane, and turf products.

Pleasant Pond

Grab your shovel, dig up a spot in your garden, cover the soil with a set of tiles, and voila: you have yourself a pleasant pond that won’t take up too much space, time or money.

Creating A Patio

When it comes to cheap backyard landscaping ideas, nothing beats a patio. Just make enough space in your backyard to set up a few chairs, lounges, tables and all the necessary comforts. It won’t cost too much in the long run. Make it kid friendly, so they’ll enjoy it too.

Build The Fence

A small little fence going through or around a section of your garden will add a wild style to your garden’s structure.

Get Colourful

Whether it’s your patio, your fence, your brick wall or your floorboards, a mix of paint can go a long way to brightening up your garden. Go for bright colours and mix and match them for a more playful or bold impression.

Old Meets New

For your patio area, grab some modern designs, and combine them with some traditional or more “old-school” styles. You’ll create a hybrid that will work wonders.

7 Small Backyard Ideas On A Budget

Vegetable Garden Bed

A little patch for your vegetables will create a homely feel to your garden. Plus: fresh food right in your belly.

Paint Pot Plants

Grab your old looking and dull pot plants, hold them still and paint them. An array of colours can work wonders and brighten up your garden pots.

Plant Stones

Whether smooth stones or crushed rocks, add that sharp edge – either as a floor or a patch – to your garden. It can help you add another layer to your sloped backyard, if you have one.

Go Vertical With Flowers

Install some shelve racks on your fence/patio area/home walls, line up the soil and plant your flowers. You’ll create a flower wall and it will be amazing.

Wheelbarrow Garden Bed

Want a garden bed but can’t blow your budget? A cheap backyard alternative to a garden bed, is to use our wheelbarrow as a base. It is a very niche style.

Repurpose Your Tree Stumps

If you got one, reuse it as a table, a seating place or the centrepiece of a garden bed. Instead of spending money to get your tree stump ripped out, get crafty and make some use of it – it can do you wonders!

Display A Collection

Whether you like rocks, individual stones, plants, flowers or stonework, creating a platform for them to be displayed in your garden will give a centrepiece that takes the breath away.

7 Major Backyard Ideas On A Budget

Outdoor Dining Area

Considered the classier version of a ‘seating area’. You can do it on the cheap and still make it fabulous. One of the more popular backyard landscaping ideas over the last few years.

Light It Up

To add a sparkle to your garden, install some lights. They are a cheap backyard option and will give your garden an atmospheric spark. You’ll have plenty of different colour globes and lights to choose from to create the ambience you want.

Install A Water Feature

Water and gardens go hand in hand. Add a pond, a koi pond, a fountain or a waterfall as your garden’s centrepiece. Just be careful to ensure that you don’t have a sloped backyard. You don’t want the water tilting to one side.

Pure Pergola

There is nothing classier in a backyard than a pergola. It adds a classic appeal to your property and is family and kid friendly. You can hire someone or DIY so you can stay on a budget.

Meditation Area

Getting some peace at home has always been a popular option. On a budget, you can create your own zen meditation space, so you can relax your mind and be free from the outside world.

Gravel & Pavers

For massive backyard landscaping ideas, you can’t go passed adding pavers and gravel. There are many special deals out there that will ensure that you stay within your budget range and don’t go over.

Camping Grill Instead Of BBQ

People love to have a hot meal in their backyard. So instead of spending your money on an expensive BBQ area as a backyard makeover, get a camping grill instead. It will create a very ‘natural’ atmosphere to your garden.

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Premier Grass has the low-maintenance, easy-to-install artificial grass in Sydney collection to help bring your garden to life. Our range of artificial grass and turf products are ideal for all gardens, outdoor areas, pools areas, front yards and will work with all backyard landscaping ideas. With a realistic feel and texture, they can be easily incorporated into your landscape.

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