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Artificial grass is a superb investment for your fitness centre. This type of lawn was, after all, first invented and developed for sports purposes. In the 1960s the first artificial lawn was used in the Houston Astrodome sports stadium in the USA because sports fanatics wanted to create the ideal playing field where athletes could reach their full potential.

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Artificial grass has dramatically improved since the 1960s and is now available in a massive variety of lawn types and is used for a great many purposes and functions mostly because they have so many benefits.

Benefits of Using Artificial Grass in Fitness Centres

Synthetic grass benefits both the athletes and the fitness centre as a business. Here are a few good examples of the top benefits of this type of lawn or carpeting inside fitness centres;

All-Weather Friendly

Rain, hail or shine; synthetic grass stays perfect in any weather condition. Sports players and athletes can perform at their very best throughout the year, and fitness centres never have to struggle with weeding, muddy areas, ongoing maintenance or dry patches.

Great Endurance

The lawn is excellent for heavy-duty handling use. Regular lawns will start to deteriorate after 100 event hours of use whereas artificial lawns can handle over 500 hours of event use. Even the busiest of fitness centres can get great functionality from this type of lawn since it will not weather or wear out like real grass or a plant-based turf would.

Low Maintenance

Fitness centres love these types of lawns because they are so easy to maintain. There is no need to fertilise, mow, trim or weed these lawns and keeping your greens in excellent condition is quite easy since artificial grass can simply be rinsed off with a hose, sprinklers or even with the natural rain.

Optimal Performance for Athletes

Sports players perform much better on this kind of artificial lawn. The grass pile is much tougher which gives athletes great traction. Unlike natural grass lawns, there is no need to worry about uneven patches, natural dents or holes and reduce the chances of falling or losing altitude.

Reduces Injuries

The soft and rubbery layers of artificial turf acts as a barrier and absorbs impact when athletes work out or enjoy sports or workouts. This significantly reduces the chances of suffering serious injuries.

A Great Variety of Artificial Grass to Choose From

Another big reason for this to be the perfect solution for sports centres is because there are so many different varieties of artificial grass to choose from. You can invest in short to long pile synthetic lawns or even get a very vibrant and unique colour for your sports centre like the Blue Multi Sports or the Terracotta Multi Sports.

Suitable for Any Type of Fitness Centre

Faux grass is perfectly suitable for any kind of fitness centre including all of the following:

  • Aerobic centres
  • Yoga centres
  • Pilates centres
  • Gyms
  • Athletic clubs
  • Country clubs
  • Pool areas

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