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Premier Synthetic Grass are the artificial grass specialists, supplying the most realistic artificial grass products to a range of retail and wholesale customers throughout Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

Our company has revolutionised traditional synthetic grass products to ensure you are able to find the right type of artificial lawn for your individual application.

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Hollow Hydrochill™ Cool Grass

Best cool feeling & most realistic looking artificial grass

This is the best cool feeling & most realistic looking artificial grass available in the market. Our designing team at Premier Grass spent years in labs, designing and testing to come through this revolutionary technology & proud to introduce this latest product. We have tested this product & the temperature will be up to 30% cooler than any normal artificial grass product available in the market.

This is a revolutionary breakthrough technology. Unique Hollow blade design by Premier Synthetic Grass is unlike anything on the market. If you are concerned about the grass heat during the summer, then this Hollow Cool Grass is the best option. The hollow vein in the center of the grass blades makes up not only for the truly realistic look of the grass, but also supports its ability to keep the temperature of the lawn stable and cool in hot climates. In plants, leaf surfaces are dotted with stomata (openings or holes) bordered by guard cells that open and close the pore. Transpiration, a process that cools plants, occurs through the stomatal apertures. Transpiration serves to evaporative cool grass as the escaping water vapor carries away heat energy. Hollow blade technology mimics the same process, which helps to keep moisture inside stems longer periods and, therefore, lessens the temperature of a lawn.


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