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Care and Maintenance

Premier Synthetic Grass is designed and tested to withstand the best and worst of the weather, as the ultimate low maintenance natural lawn alternative. To keep your artificial grass lawns in perfect condition for that flawless all year-round look, some regular maintenance care is needed. Premier Grass offers a full annual professional maintenance package for artificial lawns nationwide, but here’s some tips and advice on keeping your garden clean and green.

Artificial grass brush

As with real grass, heavy use of the lawn may lead to some areas looking a little depressed or flattened. A stiff brush will help to lift the fibres. Imprints from garden will lift naturally in time, but if required, a brush of the fibres will usually bring lift back into the lawn. All Premier Grass installations are completed with a stabilising infill of silica sand or ZeoFill to help keep bounce and stability in the fibres.

Artificial Grass Brush

Weed and Debris Removal

Weed and debris removal

Regular artificial grass maintenance will help prevent a build-up of debris, moss and weeds. A protective membrane weed barrier is fitted prior to grass installation, nevertheless, some weeds may appear over time. Remove fallen leaves and dust debris with a stiff brush, leaf blower or plastic rake. Avoid using a metal rake as this may damage the turf fibres.
If airborne spore or seeds appear both on the edging and in turf, simply pluck them out, and use a gentle weed killer to prevent them re-growing. Over-hanging branches and bushes can be cut back to prevent excessive leaf drop.

How to clean artificial grass

Brisbane’s leading artificial grass will usually self-clean when it rains. During prolonged dry spells, however, it is worth occasionally hosing down the lawn area to flush out any dust or dirt. Premier Grass yarns used to make the grass are designed not to stain, however, if a mark does appear on the grass then first try removing it with warm water. Gentle detergents (washing up liquid) and artificial grass cleaner can be used for spills such as milk, tomato sauce, alcohol, butter, ice cream, fruit juice mustard or blood. Use gentle diluted mineral spirts (vary sparingly) on oil-based spills such as suntan lotion, cooking oil, grease, nail polish, ink and shoe polish. Avoid using bleach on the grass.

Artificial turf maintenance for pets

K9 grass is a specific product designed and exclusively offered by Premier Grass for dog areas with the special ZeoFill infill. This product will help to reduce any odour significantly compared to any other products in the market. It is recommended to check the levels of the infill quarterly (depend on the usage of the area) and top with ZeoFill if the black backing of the grass can be seen when piles are moved apart. The grass can be washed as well if needed to clean any debris from pets.

Prevent damage

It’s important to protect lawns around a barbecue or smoking area to prevent hot embers falling on the grass, and if you are painting in the immediate area of the grass – place a protective sheet over the area. Direct flames can cause irreversible damage to the grass, but the Premier Grass team may be able to carry out seamless patch repairs.
Glue and chewing gum may cause damage and be difficult to remove. Always be aware of broken glass, as it can cut the turf fibres.

Bonus Tips

  • Avoid sharp or pointy objects coming into contact with your synthetic lawn – this includes broken glass, stiletto shoes and rugby or football studded boots
  • Never use hard chemicals or strong detergents like bleach on your lawn. Hot soapy water is enough to clean stubborn stains
  • Make sure you keep your chewing gum and adhesives well away from your synthetic lawn
  • Keep motor vehicles off the artificial grass, except for wheelbarrows, bicycles and wheelchairs which are fine on it
  • To reduce the amount of leaf litter and debris that falls on your artificial grass, cut back hedges and over-hanging trees
  • Don’t keep or use sources of heat on the artificial grass (or too near to it). Smoking, bonfires and fireworks are all no-goes and barbecues are best done on safe, solid surfaces like gravel or slabs
  • Avoid keeping any glass objects on or near the artificial grass in Sydney. Glass or any other objective producing a shine- can magnify the grass if the sun is in direct exposure; risking damaging the grass

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