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Full Roll

In many cases, customers need a full roll of artificial grass that is easy to roll up or out as needed. Full rolls of artificial grass are especially handy for special events such as corporate functions, weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, training seminars or for use during festivals. You can roll your lawn out and instantly create a beautiful and very functional setup. When the event is over the lawn is easy to roll back up, transport and store away until it is needed again.

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Premier Grass is a wholesale supplier of quality synthetic grass in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and Adelaide areas. We offer a huge variety of fake lawn types of varying lengths and for different purposes. We also supply full rolls of artificial grass in different shades and types.

We Sell Full Roll Artificial Grass

Our customers can invest in a few square meters of artificial grass or even buy a full roll of faux lawn in order to cover large areas or to use these rolls in different areas and on different projects. Our rolls of artificial grass are available in different sizes and lengths. Some rolls are up to 25 meters long and as wide as 2 meters.

Order Your Free Sample Online

Before you invest in an entire roll of artificial lawn it is probably best to order a sample so you can get a better feel for the density and length of the pile as well as the shade of the grass on our full rolls. You can order a free sample by simply sending us an email with your details and we will supply you with a free artificial grass sample.

Free Measure and Quote

It is always best to measure your required lawn area before you start shopping for full rolls. When you know the exact size of your lawn requirement you can be sure to find the exact length and size of roll you need. If you are worried about calculating the measurements of the areas you want to cover then our professionals can come out to your location for a free measure and quote or assist you telephonically.

Affordable Full Rolls

Our full rolls are incredibly affordable and we also stock up on cheapest budget grass that is perfectly suitable for temporary or decorative use for large events. It is incredibly simple to roll these instant lawns out wherever you need them and you can even cut your rolls into different lengths should the need for smaller pieces arise.

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For more information on our full rolls or to find out about the availability of full rolls of artificial grass, please contact Premier Grass on 1300 705 806.

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