//How much does artificial grass cost in Australia?

How much does artificial grass cost in Australia?

Trying to decide whether you want to put in natural grass or synthetic turf?

While you could once spot fake grass a mile away, we’re now seeing high-quality synthetic turf products that closely resemble the real thing both in aesthetics and its soft texture. This makes the decision far more difficult for homeowners who are deciding to put grass in their yard or who are thinking about making the switch to synthetic.

As these things often go, what may be a deciding factor for you is the cost. So how much does it cost to put in a new artificial lawn?

The cost of artificial grass is determined per square metre, with the average cost of artificial grass in Australia falling between $20 and $49 per square metre. That being said, what you end up paying will depend on how big your (NOT garden) AREA is, the qualities you’re looking for from your synthetic turf, and whether you plan on laying it yourself or having it professionally installed.

We’ve broken down all the factors that contribute to the price of an artificial grass lawn so that you can make the choice for yourself.

Why choose synthetic grass?

When considering whether you want to go with a natural or artificial lawn, there are a few things homeowners should consider.

What are the advantages of artificial turf?

There are several advantages that come from choosing artificial grass:

  • Artificial grass is great for people with allergies
  • Synthetic lawns are always green and can be used year-round
  • Compared to natural grass, a synthetic lawn requires far less maintenance. 
  • There’s no need to use harsh chemicals to keep pests away, which is better for your family and for the environment too!
  • Most of the artificial grass in the market are pet and kids friendly
  • Synthetic lawns can be tailored to your needs (luscious lawn, sports, golf putting greens, dog areas etc.)
  • No need of an irrigation system or a sprinkler system unlike natural grass
  • Low lifetime cost compared to natural grass 


    You should note that not all synthetic grasses are the same. There is a stark difference between cheaply manufactured artificial turf and higher quality grasses. While there are some affordable options for artificial grass in Australia, going too cheap may mean that you end up getting what you pay for.

    You’ll want to make sure that the product is certified lead free, has a hybrid emulsion backing to ensure its durability, and has soft blades. If the grass is too stiff, then chances are that it has been manufactured by a lower-quality supplier. 

    Lower quality synthetic grass will also mean that if you have a furry friend using the area it will not hold up to activities that they do every day (running around, digging etc). Having top quality grass will ensure that your lawn will last many years without you constantly worrying about replacing it.

    With special technologies that help keep the grass up to 30% cooler such as Premier Grass’ HeatBlock® technology you can rest assure that your lawn won’t be burning hot during summer!

    Artificial Grass Cost in Australia

    What are the disadvantages of artificial turf?

    While artificial turf does have its disadvantages, it’s important to note that many of these are associated with lower-quality brands of artificial grass. This includes things like becoming hot under direct sunlight and odour build-up, both of which are mitigated when you go with top Australian turf suppliers.

    How much does artificial grass cost in Australia?

    Artificial turf comes in a number of different types to suit different needs. A shorter pile is great to play on, while a longer pile is designed for a more realistic looking lawn for homes and businesses. The price of the different synthetic turf products will depend on the shape of the blades, the density of the grass, the colour, and the overall complexity and technologies behind it.

    For good quality artificial grass made in Australia, you can expect to pay between $20 and $49 per square metre. This doesn’t include the things you may need for installation: A base consisting of both crushed rock and crusher dust (typically 80-100mm), something to secure the grass to the surface (pegs, glue, etc.), infill, weed mats, ZeoFill infill and other material.

    How much does it cost to lay artificial grass?

    The cost of synthetic turf installation will vary depending on a few factors:

    • The size of the synthetic lawn
    • Any prep work needed before the lawn can be laid (soil excavation, etc.)
    • The pile of the grass

    How the grass is secured will depend on what surface you are covering. Creating an artificial lawn in your backyard, for example, is different from installing the turf on a concrete surface.

    While you certainly can install artificial grass yourself, having your turf installed by a professional team can help to make sure that your grass is secure and correctly placed for the best results. Our team of specialists are always happy to help with the installation of any of our products in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

    If you do want to do the job yourself, we have a range of instructional videos and guides on our website to help you correctly install your new synthetic grass. However, if you do find yourself struggling with the process, get in touch with our team – we’ll be happy to give you some pointers!

    Artificial Turf Cost

    Would it be cheaper to install natural turf?

    When evaluating the cost of synthetic grass in Melbourne, you may be wondering whether it will be cheaper to simply use natural turf instead.

    Real grass is often cheaper at the outset. On the other hand, it costs far more than synthetic grass in terms of maintenance. Water bills, fertilisers and pesticides, all the equipment you need to manicure your lawn and keep it green – it adds up, both in the amount of time and money you’ll spend.

    In the long run, you will save so much more on lawn care over the years that synthetic grass is the more cost-effective option when compared to its natural counterpart.

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