If you live in a flat or an apartment, then you may consider getting synthetic grass for your balcony. For people living in apartments, the balcony is the best place to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine within a few feet of the home. Apart from adding some colourful artificial pot plants to the balcony adding an artificial grass flooring can really brighten up what would otherwise be a potentially drab area.

In general, we find that installing synthetic grass on balconies is a fairly straightforward task. Most of our customers do this as a DIY task however if you think that it’s hard or no time to do it then we here to do that for you. Please call us for free measure and quote or fill the inquiry form and one of our friendly customer service team members will be in touch.

Most of balcony floors are either concreate or tiles and have relatively flat surface with proper drainage. Some tips for you to check prior to installing Synthetic grass in Brisbane on your balcony

Grass for Your Balcony

Artificial Grass

Check and understand the surface

You can lay synthetic grass on tiles, brick, wood decking or most of the hard surfaces. However, if your surface is a deck then make sure there are enough spaces between the planks or you may end up with a wood rot.

Make sure your surface is flat, if you do not have a proper flat surface then it’s ideal to use 6mm-8mm form underlay.

Select the correct product

It is really important for you to select the grass type you want on your balcony. You can see the product images and ask for free.

How long the artificial grass will last

With our experience, we are installing Synthetic Grass in Sydney on balconies for the last 8years. With the lifespan it comes down to how often the grass is used but our grass will last up to 15 years when installed on a balcony.

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