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Other Commercial Projects

At Premier Grass, we are artificial turf installation experts for city councils and have delivered quality products and workmanship for years. We have a vast portfolio of private and public commercial products – from parks to businesses and everything in between, we’ve helped countless businesses and government entities revamp their outdoor spaces.

Synthetic Grass for Parks and Outdoor Spaces

When considering an artificial grass in Sydney for a public outdoor space like a park or business, you have to consider the amount of traffic as well as the kind of traffic that will be on the grass. You might not want to choose the same grass on a sports field that you would for the entrance of a business. There are plenty of factors that can help you decide which grass is right for your next commercial project.


Longer-Lasting Grass

First, you need to consider how much traffic will be in the area. A public park is more likely to get a lot more traffic than a private business entryway. Even if the traffic is just walking, a lot of people walking on your artificial grass  in Brisbane can wear it down. Choose a sturdier, longer-lasting grass that’s designed to stand up to traffic for public outdoor areas.

The kind of traffic is also an important consideration when choosing the right type of grass for your outdoor project. As we mentioned earlier, a sports field is going to need much tougher grass than a business application, either interior or exterior. There are plenty of grasses that are specifically designed to withstand sports and other vigorous activity.

Our hard-wearing artificial Turf 30mm is one of the most reliable products, suitable for public areas to handle the heavy foot traffic. It’s a versatile grass length that is tough enough to stand up to activity like sports and games, but is also soft to the touch and provides excellent walking support. Check out some of our grass products online to see our vast lineup of quality artificial grasses.

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