Artificial Turf & Pets – A Match Made in Heaven

Everyone loves a thick patch of soft grass and household pets are no different.  All pets including dogs, cats, bunnies, and more absolutely adore spending some time on your lawn.  The lawn is the perfect place to enjoy a nice roll, play, run or simply take a nap on a hot summer day.

But pets and normal turf frequently don’t go well together.  The curious nature of pets, and especially dogs and bunnies, frequently results in a turf that is filled with holes, and messes and that is tough to repair and keep clean.  Artificial turf and pets, on the other hand, are a match made in heaven.

Here is why your pets will do great on artificial turf.

Allergen Free Pets

Some pets, like humans, are allergic to grass and grass seeds.  Those fine hairs on real grass can result in itching and can even cause breakouts and rashes.  Artificial grass like our Premier K9 Grass has that same lush appearance as found with natural grass but doesn’t result in any itching, burning, rashes, or allergic reactions.

No Insects to Harm You

Plenty of insects like ants, termites, bees, spiders, and even dangerous insects like scorpions love to hide away and nest in natural turf.  These insects can harm your turf, you, and your pets and can take a whole lot of joy out of spending time on your lawn when you are afraid of stinging.  Insects don’t particularly like artificial grass because there is nothing they can eat or benefit from in synthetic turf.  They tend to avoid the turf and it is also tough for insects to get through the rug to harm you and pets on the surface.  This also keeps pets from trying to dig up your lawn when they are hunting for insects.


Low maintenance

Pets can enjoy your fake grass to the fullest and you don’t have to spend a lot of time on keeping your lawn clean.  There is no need to water, weed, mow or trim edges and you will have a lot more spending money available with which you can spoil your beloved pets.

Pet Messes Are Easy to Clean

Pet messes still need to be removed from your artificial grass in Brisbane and you will have to wash your lawn to keep your lawn from smelling.  It is however quite easy to wash and keep artificial lawn clean from pet messes since a little bit of water and grooming is all you need to keep your lawn beautiful.  Rain will also wash away any messes and dust that might have surfaced on your lawn.  If your pet does decide to tear items like boxes, bags, and other household items on your lawn then you can easily clean up the mess by grabbing the vacuum cleaner.

A Very Natural Look and Feel

Some artificial turfs do look very plastic but others like our premier K9 grass have a completely natural look.  You have to take a really close look to tell the difference between this type of pet-friendly synthetic grass and normal turf.  The natural look and feel of this lawn are also preferred by pets since they can still enjoy a seemingly natural environment that is healthier and cleaner.

Lawn Damage is Very Unlikely

Some pets do have a tendency to chew everything but even extreme chewers are not very likely to damage your artificial grass.  There are no insects in this type of lawn to capture their attention and the lawn is incredibly sturdy and tough.  The only areas where you need to monitor for chewing are the edges of your lawn.

Artificial grass is a wonderful alternative to normal grass and is the perfect environment for pets to play, learn, develop and spend time.

For optimized hygiene and great comfort, you can definitely choose Premier Grass in Sydney.


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