Sports Grass

The type of grass that is used for sports fields can have a major impact on the style and level of play. Regardless of the sport, having the right grass is important for not only the style of play, but the safety of the players as well.

For example, a natural grass that is poorly maintained might have hard, dried out grass, patches where grass isn’t growing, and even uneven playing surfaces. That can be a serious safety concern for players as they run across the grass. All it takes is one wrong step to cause a serious sports injury.

When you’re looking to upgrade your sports area, artificial grass is the way to go. You’ll notice a smooth playing surface that doesn’t have any patches or uneven areas, meaning everyone stays safe during the game.

We have specially-designed grasses just for sport uses. They can have a much shorter pile height than you might find with other recreational grasses, meaning sports balls roll much smoother and quicker over the surface. We also have much longer pile heights for sports that need some extra cushion and protection – these grasses are excellent for high-contact sports.

Our sports grasses run from a 10mm pile height all the way up to a 60mm pile height. No matter what you’re looking for in your next sports grass, you can be sure we have it. These grasses are great for not only sports fields, but schools and parks as well. They’re specifically designed to optimise play and stand up to wear and tear of heavy foot traffic.

Installation is a breeze – these sports grasses come in easy-to-install rolls and can be quickly secured to the ground with U-shaped pegs. The quick installation makes it a great option for renovating a run-down sports field.

Artificial Grass For Sports Fields

If you want an artificial grass that looks great and will last for a long time, check out some of our high-quality sports grasses. For more information on our products and services, check out our products page online or get in touch on 1300 705 806 with one of our turf experts today.

Sports Grass

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    • Suitable for high traffic areas
    • Ideal for sporting centres, roof tops, and commercial applications.
    • Wheel-chair friendly for aged care facilities
    • Easy to clean
    • Low maintenance
    • 8 year warranty
    • UV stabilised will resist fading from sunlight
    • CSIRO tested to be free of harmful chemicals


    • 8m Stimp Rating
    • Suitable for professional golf use
    • Ideal for putting greens
    • 7 year warranty
    • UV stabilised will resist fading from sunlight
    • CSIRO tested to be free of harmful chemicals


    • Heatblock® technology reflects some UV rays to help keep the grass cool
    • Hollow grass blades absorbs water particles and keeps the grass upto 30% cooler
    • Good for high foot traffic areas due to thickness and weight of pile.
    • Varied yarn colours provides extra realism
    • Guaranteed to be one of the coolest grasses on the market.
    • Double backing provides extra durability
    • 10 year warranty
    • UV stabilised will resist fading from sunlight
    • Great for residential pool areas and kids play areas
    • CSIRO tested to be free of harmful chemicals


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