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      • Non-Toxic
      • Fast Results
      • Environmentally Friendly
      • 1L & 5L options available


      U Shape Artificial Grass pegs. Ideal to secure your grass to the subbase. Australian made, electrically galvanised coated heavy duty peg. 

      • Quantity: 100 Pieces
      • Size Per Peg: 150mm x 30mm x 3mm 


      Premier UV-resistant and highly durable Weed Mat. Perfect for use in weed control, under Artificial grass, decking areas, garden paths and driveways or simply creating organic soil, our Weed Mat negates the use of chemicals and allows air and liquid to pass through its porous surface allowing rainfall to soak into soil, reduces evaporation and boosts beneficial worm activity.

      Available in 1.8mx10m roll, the Weed Mat can be easily cut to size to suit various shapes and configurations.

      Features:– Heavy duty weed control mat

      • UV resistant and durable
      • Porous surface
      • Can be cut to size and shape
      • Comfortable flocked surface
      • Allows nutrients and water to pass through
      • Great alternative to chemical weed killers


      ZeoFill Artificial Grass Infill to Control Urine Smell

      ZeoFill is made out of a 100% natural resource from the earth. ZeoFill cools the surface of turf and eliminates odours by absorbing urine and ammonia before they transform into obnoxious gas.

      ZeoFill is a world leading artificial turf infill used to control the odour that our pets create. It also helps to stabilise the surface of the lawn after installations. ZeoFill is made from 100% organic volcanic ash minerals.


      • Easy to Install
      • Ideal for concrete, tile, timber etc. areas
      • Strong Adhesion
      • Commercial Grade Product (Australian made)

      Premier Grass double-sided tape is convenient and easy to use for temporary floor coverings. With quality adhesive components the tape is strong enough to stick to any clean surface. Any questions contact us or visit our showrooms in Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney.


      • Easy to use, peel and stick on clean surface
      • No mess 
      • Saves time, easier to carry
      • Cost effective and ideal for artificial grass applications
      • Suitable for other joining applications
      • 150mm wide x 15m long
      • Commercial grade tape

      Premier Grass Adhesive Joining Tape takes the mess out of joining Artificial Grass. 


      Synthetic Grass Dried Sand Infill 20Kg bags

      • Recommended 4-5kgs per/sqm for products between 20mm-25mm
      • Recommended 6-8kgs per/sqm for products between 30mm-40mm
      • Recommended 8-10kgs per/sqm for products between 45-50mm


      • NOTE: For sport products we recommended a minimum of 10kgs per/sqm to ensure longevity and durability for sports 


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