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Concrete Surface

How To Lay Fake Grass On Concrete Surface

Follow the correct instructions to lay synthetic grass in Sydney on a concrete surface. Laying synthetic grass onto a concrete surface is not hard at all. You place the grass piece then cut the edges using a Stanley knife. You can secure it by gluing to the concrete or place some heavy items such as plant pots on it if you don’t want glue on the concrete. It is important to lay grass on a levelled surface and concrete or paving areas are ideal base for it.

Make sure there are no uneven sections or places with gaps. Anything larger than about half an inch risks causing sagging as the synthetic grass is laid across it, particularly over time under footfall. If there are any gaps then use some cement or a filler to close them to avoid any further issues.

Grass On Concrete Surface

Gluing to Concrete Surface

Prior to lay synthetic grass on the concreate you have to make sure the surface is clean and free of dust.

If you decided to gluing to the concrete surface, remember to leave drainage gaps every 15cm or so around the perimeter. Because concrete and paving is less or no porous, and rainwater has to have somewhere to run through glue around the full perimeter will prevent that.

If you haven’t lay the concreate yet then, remember to apply an ever so slight slope to the area to allow water to drain. Remember the point above, leave the drainage gaps in the glue on the correct side.

If you have further questions regarding laying synthetic grass in Brisbane onto concrete surface or any application, then don’t hesitate to chat with us online or contact our experts who will be delighted to help you out!

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