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Indoor Use

Artificial Grass for Indoor Use

Artificial grass lends itself to a wide range of uses, and whilst artificial grass can be used as an alternative to carpet – it’s not the first use that comes into the mind of most.


Many home and business owners are now opting for original interior design concepts to make their homes unique and indoor artificial grass is definitely one that is becoming increasingly popular.

Because artificial grass does not require watering and is made from artificial materials, installing it inside is really no different to laying carpet or linoleum.

Indoor artificial grass is a quirky option if you are wanting to put your own spin on the interior decor of your home or business. Bringing the outdoors in does have its benefits, especially if you live in a home without a backyard or garden.

Artificial grass indoors is often utilised as a chill-out area with the green, calming effect of natural grass.

Why Use Artificial Grass Indoors?

Many property owners use artificial grass indoors because of its ability to positively transform a property.

Popular residential applications include installing artificial grass in a children’s play room. Due to how artificial grass is manufactured, its surface is much more safer for small children to play on when compared to traditional carpets and flooring. Our soft Artificial grass range will minimise the cause of injuries to small children including carpet burns and is much more softer for when play gets a little more rough.

Another use for artificial grass is indoor golf greens. These are perfect if you are not a fan of braving the extreme Australian weather conditions to take part in a round of golf.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to artificial grass for indoor use. It can even be used on walls, tables and other surfaces.

For businesses, many business owners are taking advantage of artificial grass in reception areas and for events and functions because of its welcoming and professional traits.

Want to Know More About Transforming Your Indoor Space with Artificial Grass?

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