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Real Looking Artificial Grass

When you think about installing artificial grass, chances are you’re thinking about getting a grass that looks like real grass – otherwise, why get it? You’d be surprised at how many low-quality artificial grasses are out there. One of the easiest ways to tell that a turf might be low quality is that it looks nothing like real grass.

Quality turf is constructed to look and feel as much like natural grass as possible. Some inexpensive artificial grasses can actually end up looking plastic and shiny, which also means they’re uncomfortable to touch. Nobody wants a yard that’s uncomfortable to be in.

At Premier Grass, we are committed to providing only the highest-quality artificial grasses available. That means stocking grass that looks and feels like natural grass. We understand the importance of a beautiful outdoor space, whether that’s at your home or at your business. We would never allow your outdoor space to be compromised by stocking low-quality turf.

What to Look For in Turf

There are two very simple things to look for in an artificial grass when you’re doing your shopping – look and feel. There are plenty of measurements and numbers that will tell you a lot about the grass, such as gauge, pile height, or stitch count, but nothing is going to beat seeing and feeling the grass for yourself.

The best thing to do when you’re shopping for an artificial grass is to see the grass in person. While most homeowners will certainly take the time to view the grass in person, if you’re in charge of a large project with multiple renovation sites, you might not have the time to view it in person. While we understand that everyone has a busy schedule, seeing and feeling the grass is the best way to see if it’s right for your space and project.

We love helping our customers turn their outdoor spaces into the space of their dreams, and we want to do the same for you. There’s no project too big or too small for the Premier Grass team – for more information or to get started on your turf project, contact us today.

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