//How to Clean a Big Artificial Lawn

How to Clean a Big Artificial Lawn

Artificial grass has been popular for small properties for quite some time. This is because small lawns usually don’t get a lot of sunlight and buying a mower for a couple of square meters isn’t worth the investment. 

Lately, these lawns have been getting very popular in bigger gardens because they are so easy to maintain, eco-friendly, and affordable in the long run. Some property owners are a bit worried about maintaining such a big artificial lawn. We all know that these lawns are easy to handle because they don’t need pesticides, water, fertilizers and they never need to be mowed. 

Artificial turf does, however, need to be cleaned. In this article, we are going to show you just how easy it can be to keep a massive artificial turf nice and clean.

Keep Your Lawn Trash Free

As with the rest of your garden, you will need to keep trash off your lawn. It is important to pick up anything your dogs or kids might have carried onto your lawn. You should also be careful to pick up small torn pieces of paper or trash.

Remove Green Waste from Your Lawn

With natural lawns, green waste will eventually biodegrade. But green waste like dead leaves, twigs, and branches won’t biodegrade on artificial turf because there are no insects to break down the matter. 

Grab a leaf blower and blow all of that green waste onto a big pile and pick everything up regularly. A flexible lawn rake or stiff bristle broom can also be effective if you don’t have a leaf blower. 

Pick Up Pet Droppings

As with green waste, pet droppings won’t biodegrade on artificial turf. It isn’t a good idea to let pet droppings sit on your lawn for too long. If it starts to rain, the droppings will get soggy and might get stuck in your lawn. These messes will eventually wash out but can be a nuisance in the meantime. To keep your lawn from getting messy and smelly, you should invest in a poop scooper and pick up pet droppings regularly. 

Blow the Dust off Your Lawn Using a Leaf Blower

You don’t always have to wash your lawn to get rid of dust. If your lawn looks a bit dull then you can also give it a thorough blow using a leaf blower. These powerful devices are also ideal for lifting your artificial grass leaves and for fluffing up your lawn.

Hose Down Occasionally

A bit of light rain is usually all you need to keep your lawn nice and clean. But if you are experiencing a drought or if the rain stays away for a long time then you can hose down your lawn. Simply grab your hose and rinse your entire lawn. All of that water and dirt on the grass will wash and drain away if your lawn was installed properly. 

Wash Messy Areas

On sticky or stubborn areas you might have to wash your lawn. Washing your lawn can also be a great way to eliminate pet odours. 

To wash your lawn, grab a bucket and create a mixture of soapy water. A mild soap like dish liquid should be sufficient but you can also get a lawn shampoo if you struggle with a lot of pet odours. 

Hose down the area and plunge a deck brush into the soapy mixture. Now brush the green until the sticky mess is cleared.  You can now hose the area using clean water. Repeat this process until all traces of the mess have been cleared up. Now you can simply allow the area to air dry and your lawn will look great again.

 Keeping a huge artificial lawn nice and clean is pretty easy, especially if you invested in a good quality lawn from Premier Grass. Your lawn will only need occasional cleaning and most of the messes will simply wash away with rainwater.

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