How to Reduce Your Lawn Maintenance This Summer

Summer is here and you probably cannot wait to spend some time outside in the sun! The warmest season isn’t all fun and games though. During summer time your lawn will require much more care and could be a lot more expensive to maintain than during winter time.

At Premier Grass we have a solution that will benefit your life for good because with our terrific product you can keep your lawn maintenance low and save a lot of money on gardening equipment and maintenance. Here is how you can reduce your lawn maintenance requirement and cost this summer.

Make the Switch to Artificial Turf

Yes, to permanently reduce lawn maintenance and cost you simply have to get rid of that entire lawn and replacing it with a layer of faux grass. It is the best and probably the only way to cut back on maintenance unless, of course, you don’t mind an ugly lawn.

How Fake Grass Cuts Back On MaintenanceHow to Reduce Your Lawn Maintenance This Summer

You will be surprised at how much work maintaining a beautiful lawn truly does involve. Here are some of the best ways your faux lawn will reduce all that hard maintenance work.

No more mowing – Normal lawns are a lot harder to maintain during summer because grass grows a lot quicker and frequently flowers and seeds. You need to get your lawn mowed at least once a week to keep it short and grass seed free. Artificial grass in Sydney doesn’t grow. This means that there is no need for you to cut it ever again.

Less watering – On hot summers you need to give plenty of water to keep your lawn alive. This is a lot of hard work if you don’t have a proper irrigation system in place. With faux grass, you never have to water your lawn ever again because it doesn’t grow. The only time you do need to water it is to keep it nice and clean when it gets dusty.

No trimming – There is no need for you to keep those hedges trimmed or to cut around the trees. Your sheet of the faux lawn will stay a perfectly edged year in and out.

No fertilising – It is always best to fertilize during early spring and again when summer is at its hottest so your lawn won’t start dying. But with Premier Grass’ terrific products you never have to fertilise ever again.

No pest control needed – Insects don’t like to live underneath the rubber of faux grass rolls because there isn’t much for them to eat. If you hate struggling with pests such as ants then you will certainly love faux grass because you never have to apply pest control ever again.

How Artificial Grass Helps You Save Money

By investing in an artificial lawn, you don’t just score on the hard work of doing maintenance. You also save heaps of money in the long run. Here is how you can cut back on spending this summer by investing in artificial grass in Brisbane.

  • No irrigation system is needed for watering which can save you quite a lot of money.
  • You can save water on a daily basis because fake grass doesn’t grow and doesn’t need to be kept wet.
  • There is no need for you to buy an expensive lawn mower.
  • You also don’t need to go and buy an expensive hedge trimmer or weed eater to keep your lawn endings in place.
  • You never have to buy fertilizers ever again and your lawn will still stay in terrific condition.
  • Insects are not very likely to nest in your turf so there is no need for you to buy expensive pest control products.

As you can see, our lawns at Premier Grass does help tremendously when it comes to reducing the cost and work of maintaining a beautiful lawn. It is time for you to make the switch so you can enjoy more benefits without all the hard work or cost.

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