//Is Fake Grass The Right Choice For Your Pet?

Is Fake Grass The Right Choice For Your Pet?

No matter how big or small your family, or your fur friends are, maintaining a household can be a challenge. With our lives becoming increasingly busy, many Australians have less time to manage each member of their family (including pets), as well as their home maintenance. With communal indoor spaces taking priority, it’s the backyard and garden spaces that usually end up being compromised to some extent. That’s why so many pet-owning Aussies are choosing to have pet-friendly, fake grass. Here is everything you need to know about this turf option.

It’s excellent for playful, outdoor pets

It’s normal for pets who spend a lot of time outdoors to get curious about their surroundings. For energetic puppies, excitable dogs or even cats, this will usually mean wreaking havoc on natural grass, plants and digging up gardens. If this is your reality, having artificial grass is worthwhile as it can be more resilient than natural turf. 

Modern artificial grass that’s specially made for pets is durable thanks to sturdy construction elements. K9 HeatBlock® grasses, for example, can withstand greater levels of foot traffic and their unique 100% recyclable triple backing design (PP+Net+PP+ERET) provides enough security to the blades of grass to resist excessive digging from pets. While its stronger option in turf, your pet-friendly grass will still look soft and lush all the time, making it the perfect mix of style and comfort. 

Urine won’t destroy the turf

Believe it or not, pet-safe artificial grass products, like the K9 HeatBlock® range from Premier Grass, are made especially for pets who love to play on grass. After what’s usually a short transition period from natural grass to fake grass most pets will quickly adapt and begin to go on the grass, which means all their business can get done outside. 

The innovative design of K9 HeatBlock artificial grasses feature 30mm (with antibacterial) and 40mm pile heights which ensures plenty of sun access, right through to the bottom of the grass. This allows urine and other waste bacteria to evaporate. 

Pet-friendly fake grass together with ZeoFill® (organic infill) will help control any lingering odours. Furthermore, the grass provides excellent drainage as compared to standard fake grass; an additional help in odour reduction. So, after you’ve cleaned up your pets’ business from your fake turf, you won’t have to deal with the smells afterwards!

Revolutionary K9 HeatBlock® Technology

Most pet friendly artificial grasses available on the market will heat up during warmer climates. Premier K9 HeatBlock® system is specially designed to control the heat by reflecting the UV rays rather than absorbing it into the yarn. Furthermore, ZeoFill® will also help to minimise the temperatures by holding the water within its molecular structure.   

Easy to Clean and Sanitise

When it comes to pet droppings, artificial turf is easy to clean. It’s as simple as scooping and hosing the grass off as you would with a natural lawn. If you don’t want to be hosing all the time, you can simply rely on the natural option of letting the rain take care of it!

Non-toxic, family-friendly and 100% recyclable

Whether you’ve got pet-friendly synthetic grass or you’re using organic ZeoFill® in your existing fake turf, the bacteria and urine smell fighting formula contains absolutely no chemicals. The yarn that makes up the product is antibacterial and CSIRO tested to be free of harmful chemicals so that your pets and family can enjoy playing and rolling on the grass without contracting any reactions from the surface. Most artificial grasses available on the market are not 100% recyclable due to the combination of yarn material and Latex or PU (Polyurethane) glue backing. Premier Grass pet friendly product is the World’s First K9 Grass that is made with ERET glue (Entirely Recyclable Eco-Friendly Technology). 

Durable and low-maintenance 

If you’re concerned about pet-grass wearing out, either from your cheeky pet’s actions or from overexposure to the weather, then you can be rest assured knowing that these grasses are made for the long-term and come with generous 10-year warranties. They are UV stabilised which means, unlike any natural or organic lawn, they actually resist colour fading!

When it comes to maintenance, aside from cleaning up after your pet, you’ll never need to water, trim or mow a synthetic lawn. This way, your outdoor spaces will maintain a green and lush feeling all year round. 

Learn more about pet-friendly grass

If you’re interested in learning more about this revolutionary product, then contact our experts at Premier Grass today.

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