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So, you’ve just finished cleaning the floor, it’s raining outside, and the dog gives you that knowing look. You’ll no doubt be keeping the mop out until after the dog has done his business and then ruined all your hard work with the inevitable muddy paw prints.

If you’ve had enough of dealing with a bare patch of dirt in your backyard that always transforms into a mud pool during rainy days, or you’re tired of looking at stained concrete, mulch, or equally as unattractive gravel, then it’s time you considered sprucing up the place.

You have options, and if you also have pets you’ll be pleased to know that there are products out there specifically designed to make your life, and that of your pets, a little easier. Not only will your house be cleaner but your yard will once again be a place where you will enjoy spending your time.

The answer to all your problems is synthetic turf. You may be thinking, ‘wait, doesn’t artificial turf look fake, and feel rough on the feet?’ Maybe in the 1950’s it did, but we are now well into the 21st century. Science has come to bat for those who are always facing the challenge of muddy floors and sad looking backyards.

Synthetic turf has been refined and perfected and is now the ultimate solution for an always green yard where your pets can do their business without fear of muddy paws. Our K9 Pet Grass is designed specifically for dogs, and they love it.

Many dog owners are concerned about how their furry friends will take to artificial grass but we can assure you they will treat it just like a natural lawn. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure our K9 Grass is safe, non-toxic, and comfortable to use for your best friend.

Our Y-ZIGZAG stitching technology and durable PU backing with drain holes allow for high drainage while maintaining maximum strength. This revolutionary design also creates K9Ô dog grass with a level of comfort like no other.

We carefully control the straight yarn height to 25mm and the curly yarn height to 50% of the pile height. This design allows more UV light to reach the bottom of the pile and kill germs which may be setting up home down there.

Misshapen, flattened grass is also a thing of the past, as Y-ZIGZAG technology gives each blade the ability to bounce back into shape after being walked on.

A double backing of PP cloth minimizes absorption to keep smells to an absolute minimum. We manufacture our K9Ô pet grass with PU-ZONE backing glue instead of latex to ensure the best experience for our customers. Not only is PU stronger than latex, but it is also 100% recyclable.

And just so all your bases are covered, training your pet to use the K9Ô pet grass is easier than any other type of grass on the market. We add extra drainage holes so your pet can do their business anywhere, without the need to learn where the drainage holes are.

This product rich with four distinct yarn colors including Olive, Emerald straight with coffee and brown curly yarns, this will be the most realistic looking dog grass you will ever see, along with being environmentally friendly, strong, and durable.

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