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What is Backing & Glue


As a backing for artificial grass, a woven fabric is used, in most cases made from polypropylene. The material can be strength with non woven threads or by addition of one or more extra layers. Premier Synthetic Grass generally uses a double or triple backing (PP, Non Woven Cloth and some products Mesh) so that the fibres are even better attached. It’s important to have a good backing in the artificial grass carpet, to make sure the grass is stable. It should be very resistant to variating weather conditions like heat, frost and rain. A backing is used to make sure artificial grass lawns last longer.

The artificial grass have to be secured in the backing so they are firmly fixed. To do that, a mixture of certain liquids is spread on the backing after the tuft has been done. manufacturers may have different mixtures, but often the coating is made from latex. Latex is a product that is safe for the environment both in production and in use. PU coating is much dearer however lasting longer than Latex.