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What is Guage

Synthetic Artificial Grass Gauge: The distance between two adjacent stitch lines, usually using “inch” as the unit of measurement. Please see the image. Artificial grass is carefully stitched into the backing material to keep it secure. The gauge is the measure of distance between two lines of stitched artificial grass, which plays an important role in the overall look and feel of your artificial turf.

Choosing Synthetic Grass With the Right Gauge For You

Having a gauge that’s too wide can make your grass look sparse and bare, which is never a good look for artificial grass. When looking at the gauge, you also want to look at the stitch rate, which is how many stitches there are in any square metre of turf in your artificial grass. Combining the two measures, gauge and stitch rate, you can determine the quality of the artificial grass.

You want something with a lower gauge and a higher stitch rate – that means your artificial grass is dense. While a high stitch rate and a low gauge generally mean a higher-quality grass, that isn’t always the case, so you should always inspect your grass in person before purchasing.

It is easy to count the stitches but a little difficult to get a gauge data like 3/4inch, 3/8inch or 5/8 inch. In fact, gauge depends on the machine. Many tufters (synthetic artificial grass tufting machine) said they are made in a full range of different gauges, but in practice, most factories fixed their specific machine to one gauge and they use different machines to produce artificial grass with different gauges. The common gauges are 3/4inch, 3/8inch, 5/8inch, 3/16inch, 5/32inch and 1/2inch.

While a gauge number shouldn’t make or break your purchase decision, it’s important to understand what gauge is and how it impacts your artificial turf. You’ll want your grass as dense and lush as possible, but we also understand that everyone has a budget – the great news is that we have a wide selection of artificial grasses that fit any budget.

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