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Yes or No: Artificial Turf as Wall To Wall Carpeting At Home

Artificial grass is becoming quite popular all over Australia because of the tremendous health and eco benefits that these coverings offer.  But these beautiful greens are also becoming a major fashion trend and are being used more and more frequently in and around homes and businesses for a great many purposes.

Faux grass is commonly used as floor rugs, as a surface in display areas, as wall covering and much more.  Green living is a major home trend right now and more and more homeowners are starting to bring the outdoors inside by incorporating nature scenes in the form of potted plants, paintings, canvases and much more into homes.  This green living trend has also resulted in a major increase in interest in artificial grass as a wall to wall floor covering.

Should artificial grass be used as a wall to wall covering inside your home?  Can this be a viable flooring solution for a bedroom, living room or bathroom?  Read on and find out.

The Greens Sure Are Beautiful

We often see faux grass in play areas inside buildings and even homes but fake grass as home carpeting isn’t seen too often.  The natural green lawn look inside rooms sure is beautiful and rooms with this type of flooring look a more like an outdoors oasis than an indoor area.  The look can be quite breathtaking and will certainly be very different inside your home as long as your indoor decorating matches well with this type of flooring.

It Is Durable

Artificial grass has a life expectancy of up to 25 years for outside use which means you can expect much more durability from indoor use since the sun cannot damage this beautiful turf inside the house.  An artificial carpet is sure to outlast normal carpeting.

The Faux Grass Is Nice and Soft

One of the biggest reasons so many schools, pre-schools, and play areas use this type of floor covering is because the covering is soft.  Artificial grass acts as a natural buffer for children and significantly reduces injuries when kids fall.  Most of these turf types are pretty soft and cozy to sit, lie and play upon.

You Can Vacuum It

Artificial turf can be vacuum cleaned just as easily as any other type of carpet.  The pile and rubber mat is perfectly suitable for vacuuming and won’t get damaged no matter how frequently you choose to vacuum it.  It should, however, be noted that these rugs are designed to allow water drainage which means dust and small pieces of sand will be able to get through the artificial rug and could get stuck between your flooring and rug.

Artificial Turf Cannot Be Washed With A Carpet Cleaner

This is one of the biggest drawbacks to using this turf type for a wall to wall covering.  You cannot simply grab any carpet washer to wash your artificial turf.  It is recommended to test on a sample prior applying on a larger area. Some of these types of cleaners are too rough for the pile and could result in damage to your turf.

You Can Still Wash It

Artificial grass can be hosed off and even washed with a mild soap but the downside is that you will have to remove these rugs from your home prior to washing.  The turf won’t be able to dry efficiently indoors and could result in mold and mildew growth if all moisture isn’t extracted between the floor and rubber mat.  But the good news is that it is entirely possible to wash the rug once removed.  If you install wall to wall covering loosely on your floors then you can easily extract it as frequently as you like, give it a proper rinse and wash outside, allow it to sundry and reinstall it with ease.  This could even be an easier and better solution since the carpets can be cleaned much more effectively if it is properly hosed down outside.

Not Suitable For Constant Moisture Inside the House

Wall to wall artificial turf carpeting won’t be a good pick for areas in your house that is frequently exposed to water such as the bathroom and kitchen.  The carpets won’t be able to dry off completely and can result in mold and mildew growth but this will be a pretty incredible looking solution for areas like the bedroom, living room and hallway.

If you are interested in artificial grass as a wall to wall covering or simply need a few loose rugs for your home then we welcome you to contact us at Premier Grass.  We have a huge variety of lawn types and shades to pick from and we are sure that you will find the perfect indoor turf to match your décor.

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