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11 Corporate Uses for Artificial Grass

If you think that artificial grass is just for outdoor use or for sports venues, then think again. These grassy areas are being used for a wide variety of purposes, and are even becoming popular in the corporate world. Here are the best corporate uses for artificial grass.

Front Office Garden

There are plenty of businesses that are focusing on the environment, but it can be difficult to add green spaces to some offices. Whether it’s due to space or the time it takes to maintain the area, artificial grass can help add green space to virtually any office. Using artificial grass in a front office garden helps your business stand out, and the space will be incredibly easy to maintain throughout the year.

Office Rug

Faux grass is becoming increasingly popular, and many businesses are even using these flooring solutions as office rugs. The vibrant green shades and soft pile give your office space a very lively and beautiful look. Artificial grass inside the office has been known to promote healthy thinking in employees because looking at green grass makes people feel more vibrant, creative, positive, and helps them stay productive.

Hall Runners

Is your office hall looking a bit dull? Then roll out a strip of artificial grass for an instant makeover. This will give your space a new, interesting look and brings a bit of the outdoors to your office.


Want to keep dirt and grime out of your business? Artificial grass rugs are perfect for doormats at all of your entry points. The grass will naturally sweep everyone’s feet clean as they walk into your building.

Table Runner

Artificial grass can also be used as a beautiful and decorative table runner for your tables at functions, training seminars, conferences, or during special events.

Putt-Putt Station

Give your employees something fun to do while they are taking a break by creating a putt-putt station in the workplace. This is the perfect activity to increase morale, build a sense of community, and relieve stress.

Plant Wall

If you want to create an interesting office wall or just cover up a dull wall, then artificial grass is also a good solution. Turf is perfectly suitable for vertical installation and will look stunning if you add a few decorative elements, such as a steel business logo, to your plant wall.

Employee Lounge

You can also roll out an artificial rug in your employee lounge to create a very relaxing area where employees can take a break.

Events and Exhibits

Buy your artificial lawn on a roll and keep it that way. These rolls are perfect for any event or corporate exhibit. You can roll it out anywhere and set up your business booth effortlessly. The lawn will give your stand a very professional and interesting look and enables you to easily set up in any location, including rough outdoor areas.

Kids Play Areas

Does your business cater to the public? Perhaps you allow employees to bring their kids to work occasionally? Artificial grass is perfect for children’s play areas. Artificial grass acts as a buffer that will keep children from getting injured as they play.

Display Areas

There are quite a few businesses and retail stores that love to use artificial grass in display areas. Products like shoes or sports gear look brilliant if they are displayed on grass, and your company will look bright and vibrant with this type of display.

Fake grass has many fantastic benefits and functions within businesses. From beautiful displays to functional uses, Premier Grass can help you transform your business with artificial grass.

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