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No More Mowing with Premier Artificial Grass

Summer is just around the corner, but with the weather warming up, the grass is already growing thick and fast. Even a moderately sized lawn means hours out of a weekend spent mowing, trimming, and weeding just to keep a property looking respectable.

Of course, a well-maintained lawn and garden will provide lots of advantages; greater kerbside appeal, improved property values, and a safe and tidy place for family, pets, and children to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

no more mowing with artificial grassThere aren’t many easy options for maintaining a natural lawn: do it yourself or call in a local lawn and maintenance company. Unfortunately, in the warmer months, this can mean several visits for maintenance every month for the average Australian garden, which is an expense that soon adds up to hundreds of dollars. Adding to the cost is the inconvenience of having to be home to allow the maintenance crew access to your property.

Natural grass may also be a pain if you enjoy the jet-setting lifestyle. Go away for a few weeks, and you can look forward to an overgrown mess and hours of work needed to restore it back to a respectable state when you return. How much more relaxing would your holiday be, knowing that your lawn will look as good as the day you left it?

There is an ideal compromise, however, in the form of artificial turf from Premier Artificial Grass. Artificial turf provides many benefits over natural grass beyond saving you time in maintenance and mowing.

Now that the warm summer months are upon us, we can also look forward to summer storms dumping tons of water in our yards. Outside water and dirt create the perfect recipe for mud, which pets and children will no doubt take great delight in spreading all over freshly cleaned floors and furniture.

Premier Grass offers a range of solutions for your outdoor synthetic turf installation that will help you do away with the problem of tracked-in mud and outside muck, while freeing up more of your time.

The new Hollow HydroChillcool artificial grass product is the best artificial grass for those who live in warmer climates and are concerned about the temperature of aplastic lawn on a hot day. HydroChill is a high-tech product featuring hollow veins for a realistic look and the ability to trap moisture for longer. This design closely mimicsthe cooling effect of evaporation found in natural grass.

Today’s range of artificial grasses are also perfect for creating beautiful landscape designs, as they are smoothly curved and blended into the overall design of the garden.Synthetic lawns have come of age – they not only closely resemble the look of real grass, but their physical properties make it almost feel like you are walking on soft, luxurious real grass as well. There is no longer any evidence of the unpleasant crinkly, prickly effect on bare feet from the synthetic lawns of a few decades ago.

If you want to enjoy more of your weekend and free yourself from hours of lawnmowing and garden maintenance while also having a backyard you can enjoy, then check out the broad range of artificial turf for your synthetic lawn installation today.

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