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10 Benefits of Artificial Grass in Kids Play Areas and Schools

Do you have a crèche, kindergarten or school? Perhaps you have a business with a kiddies play area? Choosing the best possible floor covering or lawn can be quite a challenge. It is hard to care for other people’s children, not just because their parents can be a nightmare but because children can be so different from one another and have so many needs. They are also still small, vulnerable and just don’t have the judgement to spot danger like we as adults do.

If you need to create safe children’s play area then artificial grass is the best possible investment you can make. Here is why;

Artificial Grass Reduces The Chances Of Injuries

Kids and especially toddlers fall all the time. They love to run, climb, jump and do all of those insane things that adults cringe to even watch. Broken arms, legs or even concussions are not uncommon to playgrounds at all. Artificial grass reduces the chances of these injuries. The rubbery mat and thick grass absorbs the impact during a fall and reduces the chances of bone breaks. If the lawn is installed properly it cannot slip from underneath tiny feet like rugs often do. If you want to avoid plenty of parent lawsuits for injury compensations against you then artificial lawn is the type of flooring you need to choose.

Reduced Allergies

Children are pretty sensitive to allergens. Pollen, grass seeds, fine hairs on grass, insects, and dust are all found on natural grass that can cause terrible allergic reactions in some kids. Artificial grass is much healthier since it is hypoallergenic and doesn’t have any pollen, grass seeds and natural hairs. The grass also isn’t the best habitat for insects which also reduces the chances of children getting stung or bitten by insects. If you wash your synthetic turf regularly you can also keep it dust free.

Even Terrain

Natural lawns are pretty easy to dig up and are often uneven which can cause plenty of falls. Artificial lawn is installed on a compacted surface that is perfectly straight. The even terrain reduces the chances of children falling down.

Less Maintenance

A faux lawn is pretty easy to keep intact. There is no need for you to ever mow your lawn or trim the hedges and you don’t have to irrigate ever. This saves you heaps of time and your play area will look brilliant all year round.

Cleaner Environment

Natural lawns can get pretty messy. They case terrible grass stains on clothing and when you wet your grass or during the rainy season your lawn can get pretty muddy. A faux lawn is naturally clean with no mud, bugs or other elements that can stain clothing or make children dirty.

Kids Can Play All the Time

With natural lawn, you always have to wait for the lawn to dry off before kids can play. Your faux lawn is ready for play at any time and it looks great irrespective of the season. Children can play and enjoy the grassy greens all the time.


Artificial lawn is very strong and very durable. These lawn types can even handle heavy traffic during events. Normal lawn, on the other hand, will die out and grow dull if children are constantly trampling the grass.


Artificial lawns look fantastic. With these grassy green rugs, you can easily transform any dull room, outdoor area or even indoor corner into a beautiful kids play area.

Quick to Install

There is no need for you to wait months for your lawn to grow into a soft and thick grassy carpet. Artificial grass is already perfect just the way it is.


Artificial lawns can be kept on roll form so you can roll it out or up whenever you need. This flexibility makes it easy to create children’s play areas wherever you might need some.

If you want to create a safe, beautiful, functional and great kids play area then you just cannot make a mistake with artificial grass.

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