//10 Landscaping Ideas for Backyards with Dogs

10 Landscaping Ideas for Backyards with Dogs

10 Landscaping Ideas for

Having a dog means being active with them; playing with them in the yard, and giving them the time of day. It also means accommodating your backyard so that your pooch gets the most out it.

That is why more and more people are looking towards backyard ideas to ensure their dogs have an ideal lifestyle. So in a bid to help everyone, we have 10 of the best backyard landscaping ideas for your dog.

Backyard Ideas For Dogs

Provide Quality Shelter

The last thing you want is for your dog to be stuck outside when a storm or heat wave hits. Provide them with quality shelter so they are safe and secure when the nasty weather strikes.

Artificial Patch Of Grass

Instead of growing a lawn that can give your dog fleas or make them sick, while not get something that is pet-friendly and safe? Pet-friendly synthetic grass is the best, and safest, option for your dog. No build up of bacteria or fleas, durable and strong to withstand wear and tear, and it will always look amazing as a front or backyard lawn. Premier Grass in Brisbane has the collection for you, so contact us today for more information.

Fresh Flowing Water

Dogs are like people in that they always need to stay hydrated. Keep fresh flowing water out for your dogs so they always have access and can keep themselves healthy. A pond or water feature can do the trick.

Provide Them With A Fun Haven

An open patio can help with your dog’s buzzing exercise. Giving them licence to play and run amok is highly recommended, so make sure they have an open place to play without any consequences (eg. damaging objects, items and so forth).

Easy Outdoor Access

Make sure you provide an opening from your home to your backyard. A doggie door, or a tunnel, can provide a whole bunch of exciting fun for your dog. Make sure they can come in and out as they please.

Landscaping Ideas For Dog-Friendly Backyards

The Pool Of Dogs

Construct a pool that your dogs can dive around and play in. A small, and not deep, pool should work perfectly. This will be great for the warmer months while they try to keep themselves cool.

A Social Space

There are going to be times when your dog or dogs would like to have some time to themselves. Just like cats have their own scratching tower and sitting area, you can apply the same logic for dogs. A social space where they can relax and have fun will help them.

Running Course

If you got a big dog that needs a lot of exercise, constructing a running course is a super smart idea. It is a backyard landscaping idea that might take a bit of effort, but it will help in the long run in terms of your dog’s health and mental well-being.

The Sandbox

Dogs love to dig and claw into things. So instead of them ruining your garden or lawn, why not give them a sandbox to muck around in? They can create as much damage as they want without any issues. One of the more popular backyard landscaping over the last few years.

A Pathway Of Bliss  

Dogs love to follow pathways and tracks, so if your backyard is big enough, design a pathway in which they can follow along. Add a wild selection of flowers and plants to give it an exotic feeling (plus make it more enjoyable when you walk through with them).

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