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Ditch the Lawnmower Forever With Synthetic Grass

Mowing your lawn is hard work. First, you need to move that big bulky lawnmower out of the garage or wherever you had it stored away. You also need to clear your lawn from anything that might get flung at your windows such as sticks, bones, and rocks. Next, you need to get the mower up and running following hours of slow walks up and down your lawn while you are getting it cut in the hot sun. The mower bucket needs to be emptied regularly and you still have to get rid of all of those grass cuttings. And just when you think your work is over and done with, you still have to mind the trimming and hedging to get your lawn that finished look.

Yes, we can all see exactly why some people love mowing their lawn and we do have a lot of respect for them but if you have to be honest, you probably won’t mind ditching your lawn mower for the rest of your life, right?

Synthetic Grass, the Only Mow Free Solution

If you cannot stand mowing your lawn any longer then it is time to switch over to synthetic grass. These artificial lawns look exactly like a normal turf. The synthetic grass is shaded and consists of different colours of a pile in each square cm in order to mimic a real turf and the feel of real turf perfectly. The biggest benefit, though, is that you never have to mow this lawn ever again. Synthetic grass doesn’t grow and there is no need for you to ever trim it again. Aside from painting a concrete pavement green, this is the only way you will ever get a beautiful turf without any mowing hassles.

You Save Lots of Money on Synthetic Grass

Besides all the work of mowing your lawn, you will also save lots of money on your mowing tasks. Here’s how synthetic grass enables you to cut back on mowing costs.

No need for a lawnmower – Have you been scanning lawn mower prices lately? They are pretty expensive, right? Well, with our synthetic grass there is no need for you to dish out all that money for a machine because you don’t need one.

Save money on a trimmer – You also don’t need to buy that expensive weed eater, whipper snipper or hedge trimmer to keep your lawn in great condition.

Save money on gardening – Most people that hate mowing a lawn usually end up paying someone else to take care of the hard work. This can get pretty expensive considering the prices of gardeners. Well, with a synthetic lawn you never have to pay for mowing services ever again.

Save money on waste disposal – With a real live lawn, you need to frequently dispose of all of that green waste which cost quite a lot of money in the form of fuel or disposal services. Fake grass doesn’t result in any waste and saves you a lot of money on disposal.

No fuel or electricity required – When you mow your lawn you will be consuming gas or electricity which doesn’t’ just cost a lot of money but is also bad for our world’s natural resources. Fake grass saves you a lot of money on these consumables.

Artificial grass can save you a lot of money in the short and long run and gives you all of the benefits of having a beautiful lawn without any of the tough mowing work. Speak to our experts at Premier Grass in Sydney and we will help you choose and install the best faux lawn for easy and beautiful living.

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