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Here Are the 10 Best Types of Grass for Your Lawn

Looking at your old ripped up lawn and want to change things? A little confused about where to start? It makes sense: not all lawns and turfs are the same. Each has their style, maintenance methods and soil requirements.

We have made it easy for you by providing you with the best types of Australian grass for your lawn.

How To Choose & Identify Different Types Of Lawn Grass In Australia

There are many different types of lawn grass available in Australia. To identify the different kinds of grass, you have to assess:

  • The feel of the grass, such as texture and smoothness
  • The colour of the turf, such as the brightness
  • The way the leaves grow
  • The thickness of the leaves
  • The density of the grass

To figure out which type of grass is best for you, you have to consider several factors, such as:

  • The purpose of why you have the grass
  • The temperature and humidity of your area
  • The type of soil you have
  • The amount of rainfall you will get in your area

Once you have considered all this factors, and combined it with understanding the finer details of grass types, you can make a firm decision the type of grass you can select for your backyard.

The Most Common Grass Types In Australia 

The 3 Synthetic Types Of Turf Grass

Synthetic turf is hugely popular in Australia thanks to its low-maintenance, high-quality backing and sparkling shine year-round. Here are three distinct types of artificial turfs that work well in backyards in Australia :

Landscape Synthetic Grass

When it comes to bringing out the best of your backyard or front yard, you cannot go past Landscape artificial turf grass. Custom made to be low-maintenance, sturdy and durable, this type of grass will make managing your backyard easier than ever. Plus it looks incredible year-round.

Pet-Friendly Synthetic Grass

As more and more people look to accommodate pets in their backyards, the more people are looking for artificial grass that is safe and friendly for pets. Your cats and dogs can roll around and have fun, all while being protected from bacteria and germs with pet friendly synthetic turf. At the same time, your grass will remain in premium condition.

Field Turf  Grass

Perhaps the most popular grass type that comes with sporting fields and stadium. Designed explicitly for intense foot traffic and heavy hits, FieldTurf is known throughout the world as the artificial grass that major sporting teams rely on for their fields. It is now being used for everyday backyards too, thanks to their durability.

The 4 ‘Soft Leaf’ Types Of Buffalo Grass

Perhaps the most commonly known grass in Australia is Buffalo grass. Back in the day, it was known for its scratchy nature, which irritated people. But over the last few years, there have been variations and changes to the fabric of this grass type, leading to four ‘soft-leaf’ buffalo types of grass:

The Matilda Buffalo Grass

For the best against wear and tear, Matilda grass is what you need. When your backyard is going to undergo plenty of foot traffic, such as kids, pets, running and so forth, then this type of buffalo grass is for you.

The Palmetto Buffalo Grass

The most durable and highly rated buffalo grass on the market, Palmetto grass has a very high drought tolerance, can withstand heat and cool changes, and can recover quickly. No need to worry about this grass being exposed year round.

The Sapphire Buffalo Grass

Perhaps the most shade tolerant buffalo grass on the market, Sapphire works well in the sun, will develop low levels of thatch and will maintain its colour.

The Sir Walter Buffalo Grass

Throughout the year, Sir Walter grass will always maintain its colour. It can withstand decent shade levels and works well against wear and tear. Not the most durable type of grass, but does its job.

The 3 Australian Native Grass Types For Lawns

Couch Grass

One of all the types of grass, Couch grass is the most popular. Affordable, easy to maintain, great against any wear and tear, it is perfect for lawns across Australia. It can grow back quickly (so if it gets wrecked, you won’t have to wait long for it to get back to its best) and works both in hot and cold climates.

Zoysia Grass

Over the last few years, Zoysia grass has become a viable option for many people. Thanks to its soft feeling, it is perfect for people who have kids and pets. It is even great for those you don’t want to do too much maintenance, as it is incredibly slow growing and will take a long time to reach its height. However, if it gets wrecked, you’ll have to wait a while for it to grow back.

Tall Fescue Lawn Grass

If you are looking for a grass type that can be easily rolled out on any soil, then Tall Fescue is for you. Great in the shade, sun and in all types of climates, this is a true Australian grass. However, it does not have the durability to withstand heavy foot traffic, so it is probably not ideal for those with pets or active lifestyles.

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