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How To Cut Turf

How To Cut Turf

One of the perks of artificial turf is that you never have to cut – as in mow – it. Fake grass stays the perfect length at all times because it never grows. If you hate mowing your lawn every other week then this is one benefit that certainly must sound appealing right now.

But there are cases where you would have to cut artificial grass – as in cut the size of your strips or rolls to make it fit. The fact that you can install synthetic grass yourself is another big perk of this type of lawn but cutting it into smaller pieces is quite a challenge.

You should be extremely careful when cutting your faux turf in order to prevent injuries or to keep you from messing up these luxurious lawns.

Cut Your Lawn Prior to Installation

Artificial grass needs to be cut into the right lengths before you install it. And yes, you can DIY this task if you want. You should measure your lawn surface and calculate the exactly needed lengths of artificial grass. Measure out the lengths and make the markings on the back of your lawn. The rubbery back is much easier to cut along and has more lines to make it easier to make a straight cut. You should also keep all other elements such as drain holes in mind when you are measuring out your lawn.

Use Appropriate Tools for Cutting Artificial Turf

With the right tools you can cut through the tough rubbery mats a lot easier and you also reduce the chances of slipping and cutting yourself or all the wrong areas of your lawn. Cutting is done on the back of the artificial turf. You can use a large scissor for cutting but an industrial cutter is best. A guide like a ruler or straight plank can also be very handy if you want to make straight cuts or keep from slipping.

Wear Gloves

It is always best to wear gloves when you are cutting anything and especially when you are cutting through the tough surface of your synthetic grass. Good gloves will keep you from cutting your hands and fingers.

It’s All About the Stroke

Industrial cutting knives are very sharp and you need to make steady and quick strokes to get a straight cut. Good cutting skills are very important for a straight cut.

Premier Grass Can Make The Cuts For You

At Premier Grass we are frequently installing artificial lawns and we are also more than willing to measure and cut your lawn lengths to your exact requirements. If you are not too good at handling an industrial knife or simply want to save yourself a lot of time then we are here to help you.

For more information on cutting synthetic turf please give Premier Grass a call on 1300 705 806.