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What is Grass Height

What is Grass Height?

When you’re looking at specifications for your new artificial grass, chances are you’ll see a specific pile height measurement. There are a few ways to measure pile height, some more accurate and correct than others. Simply put, pile height is how tall a blade of grass is when it stands upright. Many times you’ll see the backing included in that measurement, but that can often skew the results of the measurement and can show a bigger number than what the true pile height is.

The first thing you might hear about artificial grass is its pile height. It may be the first measurement even listed next to the product description and specifications. Pile height is widely discussed as being the only factor in determining the quality of artificial grass – however, there are other considerations when determining overall turf quality.

What is Important About Pile Height?

Pile height is an important measurement because it essentially tells you how long the grass is in your new artificial grass lawn. This may be important to you or it may not be important to you – regardless, pile height impacts how your grass looks and feels, so it’s important to understand what it is and why you should pay attention to that number.

One of our most popular grasses is our 30mm grass – it’s optimal for all sorts of areas, including residences, parks, and businesses. This versatile grass length is long enough to be soft and lush without looking overgrown and messy. Whatever you’re using artificial grass for, be sure to keep the 30mm in mind.

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While it is a vital number to keep in mind, nothing is better than going to see the grass to feel it for yourself. You can read numbers and measurements all day, but the true test on whether you’ll like your artificial grass is to see it for yourself. We believe in a hands-on approach to artificial turf, so we invite you to give us a call on 1300 705 806 or send us an email today so we can show you first-hand how exceptional our artificial grass is.